Linda Theron

Linda Theron (D.Ed.)
Dep. of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Psychologist (Educational; PS 0063622)

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South African students explain their resilience processes Video - South African students explain their resilience

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Pathways to Resilience

Introduction to Khazimula

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Included photos / drawings are copyrighted; photos taken by Prof Tinie Theron or Mr Eswill Theron

The Pathways team has started to disseminate some of the findings about how young people are encouraged to resile. The first dissemination was in Bethlehem on 23 March 2012 in the school hall of a local primary school. Some 57 community members (teachers, principals, religious leaders, newspaper reporters, NGO representatives, social workers and psychologists) accepted the team’s invitation to learn what youth the Bethlehem area report as resilience-promoting. Those present were enthusiastic about the findings and urged the research team to engage in follow-up vi-sits.
The Advisory Panel (AP) that forms an integral part of the Pathways project also received certificates of commendation on this occasion for their selfless service to the project.
The researchers, AP, and community members made much of an opportunity to talk more informally and ask many questions whilst enjoying refreshments.

Some of the AP members and researchers. From left: Mr Tsotetsi, Mrs Linstroöm, Mrs Mokoena, Prof. Linda Theron, Mrs Moloi, Mr Ndaba and Dr Macalane Malindi

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