Linda Theron

Linda Theron (D.Ed.)
Dep. of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Psychologist (Educational; PS 0063622)

Tree growing from rocks
South African students explain their resilience processes Video - South African students explain their resilience

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Pathways to Resilience

Introduction to Khazimula

(See Pathways to Resilience Page for the complete list of videos )
Included photos / drawings are copyrighted; photos taken by Prof Tinie Theron or Mr Eswill Theron

Linda Theron was invited to organize symposia for both the July 2012 IACCP conference and the July 2012 ICP conference. Both symposia will showcase findings from the five-country Pathways to Resilience Project, that is being led by Dr Michael Ungar (Dalhousie University, Canada; The IACCP symposium is entitled Promoting resilience processes for youth with complex needs: Cross-cultural experiences of service use. The ICP symposium is entitled Pathways to Resilience: Lessons of positive adaptation from a five-country study. Prof Dr Michael Ungar and Dr Linda Liebenberg (Dalhousie University, Canada), Dr Macalane Malindi (NWU, South Africa), Prof Dr Guo-xiu Tian (Capital Normal University, China) and Prof Dr Xiying Wang, (Beijing Normal University, China) are some of the presenters of the papers in these symposia.

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