Linda Theron

Linda Theron (D.Ed.)
Dep. of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Psychologist (Educational; PS 0063622)

Tree growing from rocks
South African students explain their resilience processes Video - South African students explain their resilience

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Pathways to Resilience

Introduction to Khazimula

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Included photos / drawings are copyrighted; photos taken by Prof Tinie Theron or Mr Eswill Theron
Lecture on researching resilience

Lecture on researching resilience

In recognition of her resilience-focused research, UNISA’s Department of Psychology of Education invited Linda Theron to be the first guest speaker hosted by this newly constituted department. Linda delivered an address drawing on her experiences of conducting resilience research in South Africa. The address, which urged the audience to challenge the hegemony of western explanations of resilience, was entitled: Researching resilience: Methodological and theoretical reflections.

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