Linda Theron

Linda Theron (D.Ed.)
Dep. of Educational Psychology
Faculty of Education
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Psychologist (Educational; PS 0063622)

Tree growing from rocks
South African students explain their resilience processes Video - South African students explain their resilience

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Pathways to Resilience

Introduction to Khazimula

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Included photos / drawings are copyrighted; photos taken by Prof Tinie Theron or Mr Eswill Theron


Academics and students from the Department of Educational Psychology are collaborating with academics from the University of Brighton in a project (funded by the Natural Environment Research Council or NERC) to better understand the resilience of South African young people challenged by drought. The project, which ends in October 2017, is led by Prof Angie Hart (School of Health Sciences; University of Brighton, UK) with strong support from a UK research team and a South African research team (including researchers from the Universities of Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg).

The UP team comprises Prof Linda Theron and Prof Liesel Ebersöhn (both from the Center for the Study of Resilience and the Department of Educational Psychology) who are co-applicants in the project. Dr Motlalepule Mampane (Department of Educational Psychology) is a collaborator in the project and Mosna Khaile is the project manager. Together with eight educational psychology masters students and seven education honours students, these UP academics spent 4-5 April and 23-24 June learning from young people in Leandra about their experiences of drought and resilience, and what their elders know about drought and resilience. The team has relied on arts-based methods that facilitate co-produced research results. They plan to return to Leandra in October 2017 to show the community what the young people of Leandra can teach South Africa about resilience in times of drought.

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